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Spotlight On Elizabeth Johns Style Consultant, Erika Perry

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photoMeet Erika Perry, a style expert, fashionista and one of our very best consultants here at Elizabeth Johns. Read on as Erika discusses the latest in fashion and style trends, how to find the perfect wedding dress and who Erika considers her style icon!

What are some fashion rules to live by?

Although fashion trends are consistently changing, there are some fashion rules to always follow.  First and foremost, you should always dress for yourself.  Expressing your own style and personality in what you are wearing creates confidence inside and out.  When you feel good in what you are wearing, it shows!

Second, be sure to have plenty of staple items in your wardrobe.  Classic dresses, pants and skirts are just a few examples.  Purchase a few trendy pieces per season, but always keep the staples in the mix.    This will keep your look fresh and current every few months.

Finally, wear clothing that flatters your figure.  There are several ways to achieve this, but I personally think wearing a very clean look, one color (I would suggest black) from head to toe, is the most flattering for anyone. It elongates your figure and gives you a very chic look.  Complete this look with a great pair of heels.

What would you say is the key element to any ensemble?

When creating an ensemble, it is essential that it fits properly. Your clothing should look tailored to you. If your pants are too long, or if you need a sleeve slightly shortened, go to a tailor to have these small adjustments made.   A little bit goes a long way, and you will see a big difference in the way you look!

Tell us the most inspiring part of helping a new bride find her perfect dress.

There are many inspirations that make me so passionate about my career, but I would have to say it's the brides themselves that inspire me the most.   Each and every bride has her own vision of how she wants to look on her wedding day.  It is my mission to make that vision a reality for her.  Shopping for your wedding gown is an experience unlike any other.   It is a very special time for the bride and her loved ones that join her in her search.   I like to make everyone feel comfortable and also to have fun!  All of this inspires me to connect directly with the bride and to find the gown she will walk down the aisle in.  It is such an incredible feeling when a bride chooses her gown. It is extremely special to be a part of this moment with each bride.

What are some wardrobe staples you can't live without?

Definitely the little black dress.  I have at least 5 in my closet right now.  I also can't live without high heels, especially peep toes and t-straps.  I wear them almost every day.

Who would you consider your style icon to be?

One would be Audrey Hepburn. She is the perfect example of classy, sophisticated and elegant.  Her complete look is timeless.  If I had to choose a modern day icon, it would be Adele.  I personally love vintage inspired fashion, and she portrays just that. She always looks stunning on the red carpet.

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