Lela Rose

Lela Rose’s refined and fresh aesthetic has brought an elegant perspective to American fashion design since she started her own business 17 years ago. Trained as an artist before she began her career in fashion design, her unique details and rich fabrications are evidence of her artistic background. The Lela Rose collection is internationally recognized, with a devoted following from celebrities. “Our brides are cool and independent,” Rose says. “They definitely want a gown, but they don’t want to feel like the gown is wearing them. So it never feels too traditional.” She calls the look “a relaxed formality”. The Lela Rose bridal collection blends timeless and feminine silhouettes seamlessly, to create a truly modern elegance in every gown. Every Lela Rose wedding dress is made in New York, where she currently resides with her family.

Price Range: $4,000-$9,000

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