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Elizabeth’s Diary

Liz Loves: Lauren Kearns Photography – Part 1

Lauren Kearns, wedding photographer


We love learning from awesome vendors that our brides have had wonderful experiences with! Lauren Kearns is a gorgeous photographer who has captured the big day for a number of EJ brides. In this blog, she gives insight on what to look for when choosing the perfect wedding photographer for you! See her tips below for some great advice, and enjoy some samples of her fabulous work!


From Lauren:

“For many brides, this is your one and only experience planning a wedding. Therefore, it’s difficult to know exactly what to look for in a photographer. You’ve most likely never done this before! As a wedding photographer of 10 years here is my advice from the other side of the couple-photographer relationship!

What I’m not going to cover is budget, which is probably at the top of your list for qualified photographers! The reason? You can check off all of the listed qualifications for your wedding photographer with each of the checkpoints below, and still find your perfect wedding photographer in any realistic budget! So here we go!


Couple having fun in engagement photo

1. Photographer’s Style. It shouldn’t take you too long to figure out a photographer’s style, even before you find their website. Just take a look at their instagram, and immediately, you should see some coherent style. Are their images light and airy, dark and moody, classic black and white? The list of styles can go on and on, but you should be able to determine whether or not you’re attracted to their style as soon as you click into a few images. A common misconception, is that any photographer will photograph in any style. This is not true of any professional photographer. There is no right or wrong style of photographer, but you certainly want to make sure your photographer is consistent in their style. Remember: Jack of all trades is master of none.

2. Photographer’s Personality. The perfect recipe for a happy couple-to-photographer ratio is a good connection and friendship. Do you get a good feeling about this photographer over the phone or in person? Do your personalities mesh? Could you see your photographer becoming a friend? These are all of the questions you need to ask yourself before hiring the photographer whose portfolio has passed inspection! On your wedding day, you will be spending your entire day with this person, who will capture your tears of joy and romantic moments alone together. You need to determine whether or not this photographer will make a great third wheel!

3. Engagement Session. Is the engagement session included in your wedding package? I know this is not always a favorite for the groom, but I also know that every groom feels way more at ease on the wedding day after having a “trial run” with their photographer, who they now know and trust! The same holds true for brides! This is a great time to really get to know your photographer, how they pose, what their people skills are and whether or not you feel confident with them as your photographer. This relationship-building experience means so much to me, that I offer engagement sessions complimentary. I know there are many other photographers out there who do as well!


Groom getting ready for wedding

Engaged couple kissing

4. Photographer’s Reputation. How is this photographer perceived in the industry? The first great place to determine a photographer’s reputation is to find their reviews on or Do they have great reviews from past brides?Secondly, and perhaps just as important, how are they perceived amongst other professionals? Ask your venue if they have ever worked with your photographer, or if they’ve never worked that venue, head to their recent blog posts and find out who they have worked with. The wedding industry is actually quite small! Someone knows who they are, and will be happy to give you feedback.

5. Final Products. Be sure that you know all of the details up front. What are you getting after the wedding is over? Are you getting high resolution digital files? Is an album included? If these items aren’t included, be sure to ask your photographer how to get your images. Know the financials upfront. Is the package priced lower, but add-on products expensive? Do you want your photographer to create prints for you, or do you prefer to do that yourself. There is no wrong answer, unless it’s the opposite of what you want! You also want to ask how long it will take your photographer to edit your images. Be realistic in your expectations, but have expectations!

Remember, not all photographers were created equal, nor were all brides! Your wedding day, your photographer, your uniqueness. You may have other requirements for your photographer, but don’t skip these steps! Checking off each of these points will set the foundation for a great relationship and images that generations to come will cherish.”


Happy couple sitting on steps


We love these tips and appreciate Lauren giving her insight! You can find Lauren’s work and contact info at

Stay tuned to our blog for Part 2 of Lauren’s takeover as she discusses “How to get the most of your wedding day portraits”!


Bride in wedding gown


Bride and groom on the wedding day